Customized Campaigns


Expanding your business footprint amongst growing competition in the market while maintaining quality of life as a business owner often hinder business growth and profitability due to limited resources and an already stretched thin staff taking on expanded responsibilities.

B&F Call Center Solution provides live telephone answering services with a wide array of highly customizable communication solutions that are designed to mimic your standard business protocols while acting as an extension of your company brand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • 24/7 answering services accept all incoming calls, ensuring your business never closes
  • Bilingual experts best serve your market demographic and expand your market potential
  • Customized scripting and escalation messaging match the way your business runs today
  • Message delivery via phone, voicemail, fax, email or text built on your communication preferences
  • Daily summary report takes the work out of manually filtering calls or messages
  • Web portal accessibility for customer call reporting and intelligence gives you deeper insight into your customers

Live telephone answering services through B&F Call Center Solution provide highly customizable answering solutions designed with insight into your specific industry and your customers. Knowing what services are available and understanding these services are important in choosing the best option that will provide exceptional experiences for you and your customers.