Sales Generation or Leads


Generating and qualifying leads, making calls and vetting web responses is time consuming and expensive. In addition, profiling target markets requires an immense amount of research. Let B&F Call Center Solution Lead Generation and Qualification experts handle the work so that your sales team can focus on what they do best — selling.

Lead Generation and Qualification:

  1. Calling List – The Initial Prospects List Used for Lead Generation & Qualification

Lead Generation starts with a list or database of prospects. It is sometimes called a “lead list.” This list may originate from contact forms on your website, your current customer list or a list broker. If you need to acquire a list, our Lead Generation and Qualification consultants can suggest potential list brokers for you to contact. Once the calling list is established, our Lead Generation and Qualification experts will use it to generate highly qualified leads for your business.

  1. Lead Generation & Qualification Calls

Once your calling list is available, our highly trained and experienced Lead Generation agents:

  • Profile your ideal customers
  • Identify and qualify prospects
  • Manage qualified lead distribution to your sales staff

This is all done while developing, maintaining and verifying your lists and databases.

You can even let us set the sales appointments,
and you just close the sales!

3. Integrate With Our Other Services for maximum sales potential

B&F Call Center Solution Lead Generation and Qualification programs can be easily integrated with our other services including:

B&F Call Center Solution Telemarketing Services provide reliable and customizable programs designed to increase your profitability through Lead Generation, Lead Qualification, Telemarketing Sales, Appointment Setting, Up‐selling/Cross‐selling, Seminar / Event Registration, Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Customer Retention Programs.

Small Business Telemarketing Services

  • As a small business, you need someone to handle your calls, make sales calls for you, schedule your appointments or generate sales leads for your sales team.

  • Our Small Business Telemarketing services are perfect for the small business, startup business or any size business with a smaller telemarketing budget.

    Business & Enterprise Telemarketing Services

  • B&F Call Center Solution Business & Enterprise Telemarketing Services are tailored for the mid‐sized or large company or organization and customized to meet your program needs.

  • Our full service solutions can include any combination of call center services — from handling your incoming calls and sales orders to calling leads and customers and setting sales appointments for you.