Company Information

B&F Call Center Solutions is a US based company with their Call Center located near shore. Founded in 2007. The company’s corporate headquarters is located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

B&F Call Center Solutions has the option to grow rapidly in order to meet any client’s current and future needs.

We operate 11+ nearshore call centers with over 250+ seats


B&F Call Center Solutions specializes in inbound/outbound multi-product bilingual (English/Spanish) call center services for various types of industries. We focus on hiring world-class professionals from top management to floor agents. All personnel are subject to extensive background checks, along with education verification.

Our basic philosophy is to incorporate our high-level professionals with our technology assets to create a call center solution that adds value to all our clients; thus, resulting in long-term company/client relationships.

We succeed when our clients succeed!

We will create and deliver a customized solution that will yield the desired outcome


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